Alexandre G. Sleeis
Computer Engineer / Experienced Software Engineer
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To provide knowledge and expertise in Software Engineering and
Software System Architecture and Design. With my experience
in Systems Administration for ERP systems and Unix, combined with
a disciplined education and experience in Software Engineering, I feel
I can offer clients and/or employers just that.
Work Experience:
-- Symmetry Group, LLC.
Position: Partner, Software Engineer
Assist in business planning, manage technical projects,
design product system architecture.
Project development and management, Enterprise Java
development, server side architecture design, Database
design, internal business system design and maintenance.
When: March 2001 - present

-- Allegiance Telecom Corp.
Position:Software Engineer
Assist in the design and development of a system merger.
Provide technical guidance of database architecture and design.
When: March 2001 - May 2001

-- Virtualis Systems, Inc. - Software Engineering Dept.
Position: Experienced Engineer/Team and Project Lead
Provide technical guidance to all other engineers
Design solutions to large and complex software systems
Provide project estimates for executives
Manage technical aspects of projects
Manage database securities
Manage and design tool sets for customized financial system
Whatever else came up
Accomplishments: Full maintenance and design control over
internal financial system, redesign of internal database and
financial system user interfaces/applications, design of data
access API implemented system wide, design of a clustered
application server environment and system maintenance server
and tools, internal systems flow redesign, and more.
System types: FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, Windows 98, Windows NT
Languages: Perl and C
Programming Environment: WWW, CGI, TCP/IP
Previous Titles: Financial Systems Engineer, Internal Systems Engineer
When: June '99 - March 2001

-- Andersen Consulting - SAP/EBS Organization
Position: SAP Basis Technology Consultant
Duties: To provide key skills and technical understanding
to assigned projects, assist in project organization and
structure, contribute towards education of fellow employees,
provide guidance and assistance to peers and teammates.
When: Sept '98 - June '99

-- IBM Global Services - SAP Basis System Administration
Position: SAP Basis Systems Administrator
Duties: Monitor, tune, install, and configure multiple
SAP R/3 Systems running on AIX and Oracle 7.x in a 24 by 7
environment. Write automation and operation utilities.
System types: RS/6000, SP/2 complexes, PCs
Software Systems: AIX 4.x, OS/2, Windows 95, Oracle 7.x
When: Jul '97 - Sept '98

-- Qualcomm, Inc. - Server and Systems Administration
Position: Engineering Intern
Duties: Write system administration programs and automation
utilities in C/C++, Visual Basic, VxRexx, Rexx, and Perl.
System types: PC's
Software Systems: OS/2, DOS, Windows NT, 95 and 3.1. Perl and
Visual Basic
When: Sept '96 - Jun '97

-- Qualcomm, Inc. - QuSAT Project
Position: Engineering Intern
Duties: Source code archive management using PVCS.
Compile and debug code. Write C++, Cshell, and Perl programs.
System types: Sparc stations, and PC's.
Software Systems: Solaris, PVCS, UNIX C/C++ compilers
When: June '96 - Sept '96

-- UCSD ECE Dept. - Computer Systems Support
Position: Student Programmer
Duties: System and network assistant administration,
upkeeping WWW pages and technical databases, and technical
System types: Mac's, SGI, Sun Stations, and PC's
Operating Systems: MacOS, IRIX, Solaris, DOS, Windows
When: February '96 - June '96

-- Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Calspace division
Position: Research assistant/system administrator
Duties: System and Network administration, writing
infomation processing programs and other software, and preparing
machines for travelling presentations.
System types: SGI Indy systems (IRIX) and Linux.
Operating Systems: IRIX, Linux 1.x
When: September '95 - February '96

-- Westech/ALIS Computer Systems
Position: System Administrator and Technical support rep.
Duties: Systems Administration, Network Administration and
support, writing database software modules, Tech. Support,
on-site repair/maintenance, and telephone tech support.
System types: UNIX(multi-flavor), DOS/Windows, OS/2 Warp, and
When: Summers of '94 and '95 and during school vacations

UC San Diego: Graduated June 1997
- Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering,
UCSD School of Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.
Perl (Packages, DBI, CGI, Templatization)
Unix Sys Admin (Linux, BSD, AIX, some Solaris)
Java (Standard and Enterprise)
System Integration
Large-scale System Analysis
Database Design
System Architecture Design
C and C++
Programmer API Design
Additional Professional Training (with official certificates):
SAP R3 (Basis Sys Admin track)
Oracle DBA (Basic, DBA, Backup and Recovery, Tuning)
AIX Systems Administration
Additional Experience With:
CGI programming
Network design, installation, and administration.
Windows (all flavors), UNIX (many flavors), OS/2, DOS, and MacOS.
Experience in networking and administrating most of the above OS's
8+ years experience with the Internet (Web, telnet, proxies, etc.)
Socket programming (in C, REXX, and Perl)
Digital and analog circuit design and analysis
Experience in the following computer languages:
  Pascal, Fortran, REXX, HTML, M68000 assembly, and BASIC.